Benefits of the Coalition of Residential Excellence

Washington D.C


One of the benefits of CORE is an ongoing update on legislative issues that carry the potential to impact residential childcare.

It is the intent of CORE to assist in developing strategy and providing coaching to providers on strategic next steps in having a voice and charting a legislative course favorable to provision of services to children and families from hard places.

Access to Timely Answers Regarding Issues

CORE has a query process where providers can request information from other CORE members regarding any issue. Once a query is made, a request is distributed to member agencies and a synopsis of the responses is then shared with the entire membership.

A Professional Network

The executive director of the Coalition of Residential Excellence says:

“Across 46 ½ years of being involved in services to children from hard places, I’ve never been more impressed by the professionalism, skill set, passion for the work, or the commitment to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families than I’ve seen by those involved in our membership. The focus in enthusiastically moving forward and continuing to find solutions to enrich the lives of children is refreshing. Best practice is always a work in progress, and I’ve been amazed at what I’ve witnessed within our membership.”

“The work before CORE members is challenging and the concept of two being better than one continues to resonate with our membership. The chords of three strands are not easily broken. Our members need the collective professional identity of being part of a group that represents the “best in the business.”

Collectively, CORE members find answers that work. The camaraderie and the shared respect of providers with one another heightens the sense that together we stand.

National Conference

The Coalition of Residential Excellence hosts a National Conference annually. By design, providers have opportunities to share time and discuss programs and issues. Conference topics and content are geared to enhance legislative understanding and offer layers of information related to best practice.

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Mike Tyrell

St. Joseph’s Indian School has been a member of CORE since 2003. Not everyone understands the important work taking place in residential education, which makes CORE a valuable resource in finding answers that work for children and families.

Over the years, St. Joseph’s policies and strategic planning have been shaped by our association with CORE and the excellent opportunities they provide for networking and staff development.

Mike Tyrell, President, St. Joseph’s Indian School
Tim Brown

For more than a decade, Methodist Children’s Home has been a member of the Coalition of Residential Excellence. We’ve found CORE to be the only national organization that exclusively represents our interests in serving children and families from hard places. In addition, the privilege of standing strong with other like-minded organizations and professional staff adds credibility to the work that we do.

Tim Brown, President, Methodist Children's Home, Waco, TX
CORE-Coalition of Residential Excellence

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