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CORE members play a critical role in the fight to preserve and promote residential care for children and youth in need. 

The CORE Advocacy helps members stay informed and take action on the many issues that affect residential care. As a part of CORE, members receive periodic emails and newsletters to keep them updated on issues important to residential care and child welfare. Additionally, CORE alerts members when direct action is needed on a topic.


Activity Update

Foster Care Homes Issues  

Hearing Held on Reducing Group

​​Senators Orrin Hatch (R-UT) and Ron Wyden (D-OR), the Finance Committee chair and ranking member, hold hearing on reducing the number of children who end up in group foster care homes.
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Senate Hearing on Foster Care Group Homes

The Senate Committee on Finance held a hearing, “No Place to Grow Up: How to Safely Reduce Reliance on Foster Care Group Homes.” The hearing took place only a few hours after the Annie E. Casey Foundation released a report that found 57,000 (14%) foster youth live in group care situations.

CORE represents the national presence advocating for residential care at the federal level.