Coalition of Residential Excellence

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History of CORE

CORE was founded in 1994 to add the option of residential education to the scarce safe, nurturing, education-focused options available for at-risk youth, their families, and our communities. 

Inspired by Israel’s extensive and effective network of residential education programs, which are supported by local and national government entities as well as private funds, CORE founder Heidi Goldsmith and CORE supporters believe a similar national network of high-quality residential programs in the U.S. provides an extremely valuable “intervention” for thousands of economic and socially disadvantaged children and youth.

CORE was founded under the name International Center for Residential Education (ICRE), focusing on changing public policy to become supportive of residential education, assessing what residential education programs exist in the U.S. and their commonalities, and helping organizations and communities start new programs.  

In 1998, a program within ICRE was started in which eight residential education programs were brought together to discuss common challenges, opportunities, approaches, and practices. This program soon became the primary focus of ICRE, and the number of programs involved gradually grew. In 2001, ICRE’s name was changed to CORE.

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