March 11, 2020

From: Don Forrester LMSW, Executive Director

Topics include:

  • Legislation
    • February Legislative Visits
    • CHILD Maltreatment Report 2018
    October 13 – 15, 2020
    Hosted by Mooseheart Child City & School
    Mooseheart, Illinois
    Conference Theme: EMPOWER – Get Connected
  • Call for Presenters
    • Deadline for Submission of Conference Proposal:  May 30,  2020
      Length of Workshops: One hour and thirty minutes | Three Hours
    • Click Here to Download Presenter Template
    • Forward Thinking – Best Practice – Outcome Focused – Effective
      Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

Story Branding
Donor Acquisition and Fund Raising
Orchestrating Legislative Change
Tracking Outcomes
Independent Living
Sensory Integration
Thrift Stores -Are They Worth The Investment
Innovation and Thinking Outside the Box
Working with Boards and Selection of Board Members
The Use of Volunteers
Supporting a Normalized Home Environment for Children
Drug Use and Misuse
Promoting Best Practice in a FFPSA Environment
Continuous Quality Improvement Processes
Using Alumni To Share The Agency’s Story and Impact Legislative Change
Promoting Educational Excellence
Keeping Children Safe
The Use of Volunteers In Enrichment Activities for Children
Cottage Parent Recruitment, Training and Retention
Trauma Informed Care Issues
An Executive Leadership Track

All Workshop proposals must be electronically submitted for consideration by May 30, 2020.