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Wednesday, JANUARY 20, 2016

CORE Visits Capitol Hill 

The CORE's Leadership Team met with a Senior Advisor to the Senate Finance Committee regarding the proposed “Families First Act”, on behalf of members. CORE’s goal was to educate about the organization and its members and the benefits for children and youth in need, discuss the proposed bill, strengthen relationships with leaders and reinforce CORE’s position around residential care for children and youth. 

CORE's Executive Director Attends Brookings' Seminar on Child Welfare Refinancing 

CORE's Executive Director attended a seminar on child welfare refinancing hosted by the Brookings Institution and Casey Family Programs. Since 2012, both groups have been sponsoring a series of private discussions among senior leaders who work on child protection issues both inside and outside government. The discussion was around the “Family First Act”.  Senior staff from the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee was in attendance along with representatives from the White House and the Children’s Bureau.


Board of Directors Announces New Executive Director

Greg McNeece, Chair of the Board of Directors for the Coalition of Residential Excellence, is pleased to announce the appointment of Don Forrester, LMSW as the new Executive Director of CORE. Don served as the immediate past Chair of the CORE Board and has a lifetime of involvement at all levels in the child welfare community. He describes himself as an old child welfare worker who at the age of twenty-three developed a passion for the work and finds that 46 ½ years later it still gives him a reason to get out of bed in the morning and embrace the day.

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Wednesday, JANUARY 6, 2016